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Health Insurance Program
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Self-funded Health Insurance Program which provides transparency and cost containment tools to let physicians take control of the health insurance benefits for physicians and staff members in a risk contained environment.

PSCF has partnered with FBMC & Danna-Gracey to create and manage this innovative program!



Finding a long term solution to the rising cost of health insurance. Most small to mid-market employers are frustrated with constant rate increases and little to no explanation as to why or how to combat them.


Take Control! The Physicians Society of Central Florida are pleased to announce the launch of a joint Captive Health Insurance program!

How does it work?

  • Roundstone sets up insurance companies called stop loss group captives. These companies allow mid-size employers to unlock the benefits of self-funding, traditionally only available to large companies.
  • Employers premiums are re-insured to these companies, and minimize the risk of self-funding by pooling their exposure with many other mid-size employers.
  • Employers collectively own their stop loss group captive company, and unused premium is returned to the employer at the end of the year.

What do you gain?

Transparency: Detailed reporting of claims data, fixed and variable cost information.

Control: Control your employee benefit plan with choice of network, claims service, plan language and cost containment solutions.

Cost Savings: Realize and retain the benefit from controlling costs through a variable cost funding strategy.

Turnkey: A complete benefit solution available with all necessary detail included in one proposal.

Learn more and get started

Health Insurance Program to Deliver Benefits for PSCF Members

The Physicians Society of Central Florida (PSCF) Board of Directors is extremely pleased to announce the launch of a health insurance program for our members and their employees through a partnership with FBMC Benefits Management.  This program signals our most significant foray into health insurance coverage for our members.


Employers continue to struggle with rising healthcare premiums and with employees who understand and recognize the value of the benefits that are provided by the employer.  Physicians that own and operate independent practices are not immune to these challenges.  In fact, physicians have a most unique and frustrating vantage point as they witness first hand the realities of trying to provide care in the current health care system at the same time trying to secure affordable and accessible coverage for their employees.   At the heart of the frustration for physician employers is an ability to bend the cost curve and lack of transparency on how their premium dollars are spent, oftentimes limited based on the limited number of employees that they employ.


For a number of years the broader business community has been leading the effort to take control of their health care costs through transparency and accountability.   Self funded programs enable employers to reduced fixed costs and control their overall spending by incentivizing employees to utilize health care resources in a more sophisticated manner.  The success of these self funded programs with reducing costs while providing transparency has significantly increased the prevalence of self funded solutions.


This trend has been somewhat limited for physician practices due to the need to have a critical mass of employees to make it possible from a financial and risk tolerance perspective.   It is this limitation that PSCF has been able to address through this partnership, expanding the ability for Physicians to take control of their employee healthcare options.


With this program launch PSCF Members can now join the captive self-funded program put together through our partnership with FBMC.   FBMC has a great deal of experience providing employee benefit solutions to employers in the State of Florida area, including Miami-Dade School District and Jackson Health System, amongst others.   The team supporting the captive have extensive background in establishing and administering captive programs for regional and statewide organizations and understand and are able to answer many of the challenges and questions that may arise when considering joining this captive.  The program will deliver transparency, control and cost savings in a turnkey solution that will not disrupt benefits for employees.   


Most importantly, the program will transform health insurance benefits from an ever increasing fixed premium, to a variable cost for which they have capped risk, full transparency and the ability to keep what they save.  Practices with 20-200 employees will be the ideal beneficiaries of the program.


Members interested in finding out more should contact the PSCF office, 844-234-7800.


Questions?  Contact PSCF