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High School Scholarship Program - Dr. Willie Newman

Every year the Physicians Society of Central Florida Foundation awards two $1,000 scholarships to local high school students who demonstrates extraordinary scholarship, integrity, and a strong interest in science. These awards are known as the Dr. Luis Perez and Dr. Willie Newman Scholarships.

Dr. Willie Newman Scholarship


The Physicians Society of Central Florida Foundation is proud to offer the 2020 Dr. Willie Newman Scholarship of $1,000. This scholarship honors Dr. Willie Newman's 25 years of service to the women of Seminole County, and will be awarded to be given to a deserving high school student interested in the field of medicine. 

Read the article about Willie Newman, MD, JD, written for the July, 2007 issue of Central Florida Doctor magazine by Heather Kinghorn.


The 2020 Dr. Willie Newman Scholarship of $1,000 which will be awarded to a Seminole County high school senior who:

  • Has expressed a desire and commitment to pursue a career as a physician
  • Has shown academic excellence by being in the top 25% of their graduating class
  • Has consistently displayed character traits considered favorable in the pursuit of the healing arts, including maturity, good judgment, trust, honesty, respect (both for self and by others), positive peer interaction, leadership and community commitment (participation in clubs, church, community groups etc.).

Special consideration will be given to applicants who have met significant life challenges, such as those who:

  • Have come from a single parent household
  • Have had a reasonable employment history
  • Are the first immediate family member to finish high school
  • Are the first immediate family member to attend college
  • Have been financially challenged (public assistance, homeless, subsidized or public housing, Medicaid recipient, etc)
  • Come from a migrant family or agricultural workers
  • Final considerations for the award will include applicants who: Have shown a commitment to the geographic area
  • Have shown consideration of the well being of others despite life challenges
  • Desire to provide improvement for the community by providing medical care